Liberating structures into flow – from the mind into the heart

Received on 30 October 2011.


In an extended conversation with Anne-Marie and Lisette during our time at Uddelermeer, we raised the topic of working with etheric energy. In that context (more specifically the work of Rudolf Steiner), we broached the subject of the “dark forces” (Ahriman). I’ve always been sceptical about the reality of evil, and shy away from anything that smacks of conspiracy theory, but as I sat with my two friends on 28 October 2011 –the date (according to Carl Johan Calleman) of ‘cosmic convergence’ of all 9 waves revealed through the Mayan calendar) – I had a dawning insight, which I brought to the Family for further exploration.

You wish to flesh out your insight about the workings of the Ahrimanic forces in the world at this time. It is important to understand that these forces are impersonal and inexorable. They work through the mind that is not anchored in service to the heart. Through the one that is not enmeshed with the many. Through your hearts is your connection to each other and to the whole.

We have already spoken of the consequences of humanity’s fragmented intention. It is this fragmentation that has allowed the Ahrimanic forces to run amok amongst you, and the end game is nearing.  You can see their working most clearly in your money system, which has been warped away from its original function as a means of exchange, a currency to bring gifts into contact with needs. In the absence of any focused and aligned heart-based social intention, it has gathered all unto itself. It has devoured the wild and reduced free men and women to slavery, turned you against each other and set humanity to the despoliation of its own home, in order to fuel the mindless growth of a heartless, pitiless abstraction. And you have made this abstraction your de facto God.

And yet the forces of the heart are breaking through at this time. There is an energetic convergence happening as the successive waves of this universe’s unfolding, so perceptively described by the Mayan people, all culminate in their mid-point, allowing all that has been evolving in so many dimensions, and at so many orders of magnitude, to become available to us all at this time.

This is a time for heart opening – and we see it unfolding in the many mass movements gaining momentum across the human world. You are awakening to your heart’s longing, you are beginning collectively to intuit that another world is possible – although your minds, so infected with the Ahrimanic corruption that has grown in the mental realm of abstraction, cannot yet see a way forward that does not create more of the same.

This is a time when the structures are breaking – it is time to learn to live not inside structures but as part of a flow. The structures that you have created with your minds – and that now stand rigid and brittle in your minds – have no real existence outside of your minds. They have never been real, and the flow has always been there, beneath the visible surface of manifestation, that your ‘science’ has taught you to see as ‘objective’.…  Ah, but the eyeball cannot see itself, and the filters of your worldview are not available to your inspection. The mind cannot liberate you from the prison it has become. That is the work of the heart, and it is the heart’s era that is now dawning.

It is time to learn and discern the patterns of flow – to practice the light and fluid forms of the open heart, where grace resides. Let curiosity take precedence over knowing, let inquiry trump solutions, let the faith of the heart consume the doubt of the conditioned mind. It is time for humanity to learn to live with open hands, in the spirit of the gift, in the image of the kosmos which brought you forth.

Alignment lies not in structure but in flow. The Ahrimanic forces reside in enclosure, in capturing flow in static forms and structures, in imposing quantity on quality, in reducing the wild dance of life – which it calls chaos – to the dead husk of the machine. You have only to look at the urban wastelands into which you have corralled your lives to see these forces at work. You have only to open your eyes to how the promise of abundance and ease has brought you into a dead-end existence of meaningless drudgery and slavery.

But the Ahrimanic forces cannot withstand the light of awareness. They thrive in the shadows, in those places where the eye does not fall. The light of the heart, the connections of love and the longings of the human soul can dislodge them as easily as we clear away the cobwebs from a long-neglected corner.

It is time to come together in your streets and your workplaces to tell the story of the world your hearts tell you is possible. There are many strands already available to be woven into the flowing landscape of the Earth’s new dance. It has already begun.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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5 Responses to Liberating structures into flow – from the mind into the heart

  1. Filiz says:

    ah this is wonderful Helen, uplifting!
    new dance, new story, new song!
    we are doing it.

  2. Mushin says:

    Dancing in the flow with you and all the bright daughters and brothers of the unending wave.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights. I often feel that I struggle with the systems in which I live and work, and that I cannot pry myself away – as if the energy I cultivate through personal practice dissipates as soon as I leave my personal space and enter the “outer” world. What you are saying really speaks to me, and it is heartening to know there are people like you voicing new thoughts and ideas.

    I recently began teaching, consulting and coaching others in organizational development and entrepreneurship and often feel that my own personal “struggle” to maintain a positive energetic feeling in a negative environment (my day job) is the greatest challenge I face as I learn to connect with others in a powerful and positive way. When one is enmeshed in mind-based and reductionist systems it can be quite a challenge to remember to view the world from an open-hearted perspective. Thank you for offering just that.


  4. jyoti says:

    Wow!!! Very powerful; thank you Helen for being the hollow bamboo and thank you to the Family. Only today I was reflecting on whether or not there are conscious ‘dark forces’ as for a while now I’ve felt actively blocked; but maybe I’ve/it has not been ripe; I’ve not followed the path of least resistance, the water course way; not aligned with live in alignment with the immanent world soul in all things. But now it feels like ice is slowly melting.

    If there is some sort of cultural singularity it is very hard to predict what it will look like that’s for sure. But we are looking at a globally scaled transition of indeterminate length ~ timewave zero, 2012 ~ the purpose of which is to create a Planetary culture to supplant the parasitic disease we now call civilisation. The 2012 transition is just there in the implicate order of reality (avant vu) a ‘strange attractot’ but nobody truly knows how we will all transform (Death – end of the world – in Tarot reads as transformation). this entire process is real and magical and very much needed.

    But as you say ‘We don’t have to fight against the old system, it is already dead. Bless it, grieve for it and release it’

  5. I found your writing today, while researching the turquoise meme. You have a strong, open heart. I am happy to have found your voice and wish you continued love and flow. ~Mariette

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