Context: Transition Open Space festival at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven – 8-16 July 2011. Message for those present at the closing harvest feast – also for all who are involved in the transition movement. This is the first time the Family has worked with me to include and adapt messages from other contexts, so this post is a mix of new and existing content.

We see you experimenting. We see  you opening, each to your next step, one to the other, the women to the men, the men to the women, the men to each other, the women to each other. Please understand that you are not alone. All around you, in unimaginable density, are invisible realms populated with intelligence that you cannot fathom. None of it is inimical to you, because all of it cherishes life.

Multigenerational circle

Transition is happening at many levels and at many scales at this time. You are gathered here at this festival around a transition between sources of energy to fuel your civilisation, and worldviews to support your social organisation and how you interact with your natural environment. All of what you see and feel is part of a much vaster movement. The kosmos, the earth, humanity, post-modern civilisation – all are in transition. The structures that surround us, that have grown up over the past few thousand years – your religions, your institutions, your education, your economy – are crumbling, shaken loose by the new cosmic pulses. What is coming to us all, slowly taking form, emerging from the subtle mists of coalescing potential, is the Aquarian age. The signature pattern of this dawning time is co-creation. What is possible is circumscribed by kosmic laws of which we as yet know nothing.

This is the first time that humanity has been in a position to intentionally shape the structures that will come into being as this “new age” progressively takes form. Every realm of creation is invested with intelligence that you are not equipped to apprehend. The new capacities awakening as intuitions at this time bring you to a place where you can begin to interact in rudimentary ways with new realms of experience previously unsuspected by you.

Hearing all voices

In this context you are also called, now, as a species to pass through a pyschological transition that is long overdue – from childhood to adulthood. The kosmic forces at this time can support a mass shift in humanity from a stance of individual and collective powerlessness to one of responsibility and maturity. You are invited to open your eyes to what is real and what can be, to understand that the human realm is the realm of choice. Yours is the realm where free will is the determining factor – the future is, literally, yours to choose, moment by moment, from the inside out. Because, as humans, once you step into psychological maturity, you are free to decide how you wish to feel, and what you wish to believe. What you experience as reality will flow from that – because you experience the world not as it is but as you are.

Most particularly, your civilisation has become so complex, and your power as a species so great, that moving into psychological maturity as individuals will enable you also to start to work together collectively in new ways. To grapple with the complexity in and around you requires you to embrace and utilise all of your diversity, all of your individual gifts and perspectives. Above all, you will need the full spectrum of masculine and feminine capacities at this time.

Women: speak out what you know

The new capacities that have started unfolding in humanity have awoken first in the feminine sphere. The subtle sensing and wholeness of knowing that are the hallmark of these capacities are more typically found in women, because of their attunement to the physical realm. The transcendent drives of the masculine sphere have brought humanity this far, and will continue to play a vital role – the masculine drive will be needed to weather the physical hardships to come, as humanity faces the consequences of its exploitative relation to its natural habitat. But the time of male supremacy is over. Without the feminine capacity for intuitive knowing, there will be no further flowering for humanity, only decadence, decline and ugly demise.

It is time for those among you who are pioneers in the blossoming of the new consciousness to recognise and enact the essential roles that have always indwelt in the masculine and feminine natures: Let the women bring in the Wisdom. Let the men bring in the Love.

Men, listen to your women. Do not act without consulting them in all things. For all things are connected at their core. Women, it is time to trust your knowing and speak out what you know.

Listening with attention

The new capacities awakening in humanity at this time are explicitly collective. Women: sit in circle with your sisters. Let this be your practice in the dawning of the new age. Your counsel will be needed in all things. Collectively, you can access knowing which is beyond you as individuals. Men: the age of the lone hero leader is over. Learn to bond as brothers, to act as a clan, always on behalf of the whole, and always with the explicit holding and guidance of your women.

You will need to develop different cultural patterns to accommodate these new rhythms. You will need to learn to systematically access and inhabit that dimension of Time known as Kairos, and to deliberately step out of the habitual and brutailising regime of Kronos that is your current familiar mode. There is no time left for speed. Change is happening now too fast to engage with in “normal consciousness”. Complexity is too great for business as usual.

At this short gathering, an evolutionary insight has dawned in your midst, born of your longing for wholeness, your desire, as men and women, to relate in a way that is healthy and whole. Many of you felt it move through you during the dance. Please practice the new ways you are seeing here when you leave this place. Experiment with ceremony and ritual forms that can support your understanding of the different contributions that the feminine and the masculine bring to your wholeness – uncover the ecstasy that lies therein. It is yours to enjoy.

Healing the relationship between men and women

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