On meaning and place

Received 22 April 2011

Context: Over on the Powers of Place Ning, there’s a conversation going on in the Listening to the Land group that has raised the question of whether the re-enactment of old battles helps release the story in a place. The family, which has been quiet for a while, has something to say.

Re-enactment of the battle of Culloden

Humans love drama, the land is not touched by it. Drama is an egoic phenomenon, that is native to the human field. Listening to stories of human drama is not listening to the land. Releasing stories of human trauma can heal the human field – but do not think that either the trauma or its release have such impact on natural places.

Culloden field

It is natural that, as humans, you can sense and remember human trauma that has occurred in a place. You are all connected to the human field. It is natural, also, that you project the human stories onto the landscape – your anthropocentric conditioning runs very deep. And yet this is what must be unlearned if you are to truly learn to hear the earth. Not just intentional listening, which is still more about you than about the earth and her many landscapes. To hear the earth, as part of her, is to drop out of the dense, drama-rich human field and to become simply sentient and awake as a field of consciousness so clean and clear that you can hear the whisperings of the grass, the scurryings of mice, the inaudible humming of the great trees, the chiming of the mushrooms, the creakings and crackings of the tectonic plates, deep beneath the surface, the song of the whale.

What you bring to the kosmos (not just to the earth) when you hear and bear witness in this way is your knowing of wholeness, and your love of each part. Let there be no preference of the one over the other, of the rose over the dandelion, the worm over the slug, the sparrow over the cuckoo. Your judgements, like your stories, belong to the human field that is part of your growing, not part of your destiny.

Through your intentional witnessing of the earth, comes an activation, an amplification, an intensification, a concentration of the life force, the pranic field that imbues all matter. There is an awakening to the love in the kosmos, one being at a time, that is its own reward, and carries its own meaning.

The human being is the meaning-making species. Your meanings are what anchor you into life. Meaning can be superficial, and meaning can be vast. Your meanings can be diseased, when they are exclusively rooted in ego. And they are a never-ending source of delight when they are lightly held in play with the kosmos. When they are caught, thrown, bounced, snatched, tossed, picked up and dropped like a child’s ball.

Always remember, when you are learning to enter into conscious relationship with the Earth: IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!! If you are self-conscious, always self-reflexive, then relationship is with yourself. Not with her. You are part of her. You are of her, not on her. We cannot tell you what that means to you – only you can discover that, and it will be different to each of you, because meaning-making is part of the human field that arises in the individual sphere before it is shared and validated in the collective sphere. We cannot tell you what it means that you are part of the earth, we say. Only that it is so.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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