We are in transition. The kosmos, the earth, humanity, post-modern civilisation – all are in transition. The structures that surround us, that have grown up over the past few thousand years – our religions, our institutions, our education, our economy – are crumbling, shaken loose by the new cosmic pulses. What is coming to us, slowly taking form, emerging from the subtle mists of coalescing potential, is the Aquarian age. The signature pattern of this dawning time is co-creation. What is possible is circumscribed by kosmic laws of which we as yet know nothing.

This blog has been called into being by a subtle constellation calling itself the Cosmic Family. Its intention is to offer information that can serve the optimal unfolding of the Aquarian age. What is written here is always brought through in a specific context, in answer to specific questions, addressed to a specific collective or gathering. The information offered can serve a wider context, and that is the purpose of publishing the material online.

So far, this information serves to illuminate  patterns and practices that will assist humanity as the structures of the Piscean age fall into decrepitude and pass into history, and the potentials of the Aquarian age begin to unfold. We are called to be co-creators in this new age. It will not happen without us.

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About Aquarian patterns

In the transition to a new age, the structures of the passing age no longer serve the needs of life. Those living within them experience a growing dissonance, as the structures crumble under the onslaught of their own degeneration and the chaotic influences of the new. But new structures are nowhere yet to be found – we are in a space of ignorance, unknowing, loss of the old and hope for renewal.

The first innovations to manifest are the new patterns of practice. Ways of doing things differently, sensing into the subtle energetic imperatives of the dawning era, dancing to the new beat in intuitive, tentative movements, alone at first, and then together, in growing numbers. These are the Aquarian patterns.

One of the purposes of this blog is to illuminate these Aquarian patterns, help spread recognition of the practices and invite more people to adopt them.

On a personal note – Here’s a description of how I experience this channelling process. Lately I’ve been sitting with a question and picking up my pen and just writing without thought. There’s a particular constellation of physical sensations that arise in me when the Family has something to say – I come out in goose bumps and my eyes overflow. Stuff  streams through me. It comes through by moulding my own inner material. It is as if I am being shown those parts of the Truth that can be built out of the available contents of my consciousness. But nothing can come that is not invited or relevant to something I’m holding in my mind. Each time I learn something new, it gets taken and woven in to the unfolding skein that is flowing through me from behind the veil and out into this physical realm. Other than publishing this material on this blog (which still has a very small readership) I circulate it in very restricted circles where it’s relevant – because it’s the inquiries of those circles that are fuelling my questions.

The header and background photos for this blog were taken in Avebury, UK – a place of immense subtle power and planetary significance, with strong links back to much earlier astrological ages.

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