On moving into TURQUOISE

Received on 9 April 2011

Context: At the Spiral Dynamics Integral EuroConfab (8-10 April 2011), Peter Merry spoke of the research project being conducted by the Centre for Human Emergence NL, into the Turquoise meme now beginning to emerge in their collective awareness.

As a reminder/introduction, Turquoise denotes a new wave of capacities/consciousness becoming available at this time in response to the extreme complexity of today’s life conditions. According to the early results of the action research being undertaken by the Dutch Centre for Human Emergence (which I can confirm from my own experience) with Turquoise we begin to see:

  • effortless simplicity
  • basic trust in life and spirit
  • experience of unity between inner and outer world
  • trans-rational, multi-sensory processing
  • working with subtle energy
  • holding ‘I’ and ‘we’ boundaries
  • alchemy of interior states – transmuting egoic emotions into the powers of the universe

Turquoise research

Your research into “Turquoise”, as you call it, is very much an Aquarian practice around Aquarian patterns. The practice of inquiry into direct experience, unmediated by the thought structures of the Piscean forerunners, can help to discern, reveal and articulate the slowly coalescing patterns that will form the bare bones that the new structures will materialise around.

You are correct, also, that the act of inquiry brings you into active co-creation with the Aquarian impulse itself. This is the first time in human history that you have had the capacity – the complexity of consciousness – to engage in such intentional activity in sufficient numbers to have a real impact. Translated into human terms, the Kosmos could be said to be pleased. Your own growing consciousness allows this.

A next step that Turquoise consciousness allows is for those among you who can access and embody it to relinquish your “human-centric” perspective and enter into an equal and co-creative relationship with the other intelligences active in your planetary sphere – although it will be a long time before you can truly understand their nature, or indeed your own evolutionary role in Gaia’s unfolding. For you are indigenous to this place, and you are of the kosmos. One of the many, and an inalienable part of the One.

There are those among you who are born with unique capacities to sense and articulate these intelligences that operate from other dimensions interpenetrative with those inhabited by you. There have always been a few, born to humanity through the ages. Now there are many, many more, as the capacity begins to generalise throughout the species. And each is unique, we say. No two people manifest exactly the same knowing. This is because competition is foreign to the Aquarian impulse, while collaboration and co-creation are native to it.

How the periphery gifts the middle

This is the first time, we say, that humanity has been in a position to intentionally shape the structures that will come into being as this “new age” progressively takes form. We use the term “new age” deliberately – aware of the connotations it holds for this audience – because the intuitions that the early sensors had of the nature of the possibilities opening up at this time have been essentially accurate. What many among you have scornfully dismissed as weak-headed, fluffy, magical thinking is in fact a pre-sensing of new capacities activating in humans. What those of you still anchored in the stubborn materialism of the scientific paradigm call “magic” is as real as the fairies at the bottom of your gardens. Every realm of creation is invested with intelligence that you are not equipped to apprehend. The new capacities awakening as intuitions at Turquoise bring you to a place where you can begin to interact in rudimentary ways with new realms of experience previously unsuspected by you.

As some of you are beginning to appreciate, these Aquarian capacities have awoken first in the feminine sphere. The subtle sensing and wholeness of knowing that are the hallmark of these capacities are native to an embodiment more typically found in women, because of their attunement to the physical realm. The transcendent drives of the masculine sphere have brought humanity this far, and will continue to play a vital role – the masculine drive will be needed to weather the physical hardships to come, as humanity faces the consequences of its exploitative relation to its natural habitat. But the time of male supremacy is over. Without the feminine capacity for intuitive knowing, there will be no further flowering for humanity, only decadence, decline and ugly demise.

It is time for those among you who are learning to embrace the blossoming of Turquoise consciousness to recognise and enact the essential roles that have always indwelt in the masculine and feminine natures: Let the women bring in the Wisdom. Let the men bring in the Love.

Men, listen to your women. Do not act without consulting them in all things. For all things are connected at their core. Women, it is time to trust your knowing and speak out what you know.

Turquoise is an explicitly collective capacity. We have said it before. Women: sit in circle with your sisters. Let this be your practice in the dawning of the new age. Your counsel will be needed in all things. Collectively, you can access knowing which is beyond you as individuals. Men: the age of the lone hero leader is over. Learn to bond as brothers, to act as a clan, always on behalf of the whole, and always with the explicit holding and guidance of your women.

You will need to develop different cultural mores to accommodate these new rhythms. You will need to learn to systematically access and inhabit that dimension of Time known as Kairos, and to deliberately step out of the habitual and brutailising regime of Kronos that is your current familiar mode. There is no time left for speed. Change is happening now too fast to engage with in “normal consciousness”. Complexity is too great for business as usual.

We say again: Let the women bring in the Wisdom, let the men bring in the Love. Then you will learn how simple the dance truly is.

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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9 Responses to On moving into TURQUOISE

  1. medicineWords says:

    Dear Helen,
    fascinating information coming through. and very resonant.
    I have a question around women bringing the wisdom and men bringing love. somehow this reverses the conventional “wisdom”. I understand women bringing wisdom, yet I am not fully grasping men bringing love, not that they cannot but I feel love is also an inherent quality of women. can you say more about this?

    • medicineWords says:

      this is Filiz, by the way…
      and thank you for offering this wisdom…

    • iyeshe says:

      Filiz, everything that men have ever done has been for love. Never again hunger, never again losing our children to scarlet fever, never again death by exposure, never again war, never again… But it’s a different kind of love than what women bring. It’s an active care that can suffer from tunnel vision and lose connection with its unintended consequences… That’s why the women’s holding and sensing is so needed.

  2. medicineWords says:

    hmm, it feels good to hear this perspective…and the paradox of how actions might get disconnected from original intentions…thinking about all the wars and seeing men raging them…we so need to call back the conscious masculine back, how can we, as women, hold space for men to connect with the conscious masculine?
    thank you Helen…

    • iyeshe says:

      Yes, dear Filiz! It is important to remember that, for what ever reason, as women we have also held back our knowing and our wisdom. Despite what we say about how we have been repressed and victimised, women have always held much more power than we realised. But collectively, we have abdicated it for the past millenia. If you want to know how we can call back the conscious masculine – we must first be, and call back, the conscious feminine, revive or institute our collective practice of sitting in circle as women and sensing into the important issues of our times and our lives, and then learning to articulate these in a way that men can hear. We also need to raise our sons to be conscious men, without burdening them with guilt trips about monstrosities humanity has co-committed over the years (the women have often been complicit in their silence and support of their own men, even when often falling victim to the men of the ‘opposite side’).

      So much healing is needed. We can start with ourselves. It is the ‘unwounded feminine’ who is called into life and action by our current need.

  3. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for this Helen. Your take on this and drawing of various threads makes a beautiful peace, and I resonate with it very much.

    • iyeshe says:

      Thank you, dear Tatiana! I always find myself having to state, though, that although these pieces are constructed using the building blocks available in my limited worldview, the take is not mine – although I can i scarcely say ‘whose’ it is!

  4. Hi Iyeshe
    hmmm let women bring wisdom and men bring love – what does that look like?
    Well here’s a heretical take on it from the world of fiction. When I read the first 2 books of the “Girl With the Dragon Tatoo/Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” I was quite taken with the role reversal of Lisbet Salander as the kick butt female with no/few social skills and Blomquist as the relational man with an abundance of relational/social skills. If ever there was a new archetype for woman and man this might be it?? Maybe it’s like a pre-condition for the fully conscious human being. Where women shift from idiot compassionette to justice warrior? And men from macho spear thrower to loving companion (no need for protector when the woman is so obviously self-reliant)? I know many people are perplexed, confused or dismayed by these characters but I think the artist/writer has captured an emergent forerunner of what Iyeshe sees.
    Just curious about the veils that are dropping (or is that being kicked aside???),

    • iyeshe says:

      Wow, Marilyn, I shall have to read those books!

      I think what the family was getting at was that the women’s wisdom and the men’s love would manifest through the collective. Women sitting in (multi-generational) circle to intentionally sense into the way forward, on behalf of the whole community, at whatever scale, and always for the good of the greater whole (including the place and all its denizens, whether human or not). Men coming together for the purpose of (multi-generational) bonding in loving brotherhood (incidentally, this can do much to heal the anxiety and homophobia that often keeps men away from all-male groupings today). Action on behalf of the community requires men and women to consult together, but the separate collective practices do much to further the development of the individual men and women (and boys and girls) who take part.

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