The role of elders in stewarding Aquarian patterns

Received on Wednesday 24 November

Context: This communication came through in response to an inquiry by a group of seasoned practitioners of the Art of Hosting patterns. This circle has convened in response to a shared calling to hold the evolving field created by the burgeoning global community of practice and all the patterns it generates to help groups, communities and networks of people, worldwide, to connect with what matters during this time of shift.

It strikes me that what is spoken here has relevance also for other communities that intentionally hold and practice Aquarian patterns of all types.

Communication to the Art of Hosting stewarding circle


Harvesting conversations

When you hold the centre of the Art of Hosting circle, you are holding more than you perhaps realise.

Firstly, you are holding the largest perimeter of a space that is has the potential to transform the core of each individual that steps inside. You are guardians of a sacred space that is like a school whose alumni are called to enter the ranks of awakened humans on this planet. The power of attraction of the centre you hold is huge and growing huger. It is your task to ensure that the essence of what is offered and experienced is not diluted and commodified – as it would be if left unstewarded, as that is still the prevailing pattern amongst humans in the parts of the world where this pattern is predominantly practiced.

Secondly, you are guardians of the patterns that are taught at this school, and practiced by the community. Yours is the responsibility for testing each new pattern seeking entry against the principles that articulate the essence of your purpose. Be aware that your purpose, and how it is articulated, will evolve over time as the collective understanding of what you are doing unfolds and deepens. You are called to hold the highest and deepest understanding of that purpose.

These many years, this community has been enacting a pattern that you are calling in from the future. We, your cosmic family, have been gathering around you, observing and witnessing. You have mostly been blind to our presence, unaware that each time you invoke sacred spaces and build strong containers, invisible beings from the subtle realms can come in. Yours are some of the best parties in town!

It is time we made ourselves known to you, now that some among you are awake to our presence and learning what is possible if we are explicitly invited to join your circles of inquiry. Know, then, that when you are gathered together around a purpose or question, information relevant to your inquiry can come through from the subtle realms. We hold information about the patterns underlying the manifest realm and its life processes, and we are party to the unfolding evolutionary potential of this time. Think, only, to ask us, and we can respond. Know, though, that what we have to work with when communicating with you is the stuff of your own consciousness, the building blocks of your own knowledge. This is why it is important for there to be diversity in your circle. Know also that it is easy to communicate with us, once you step over the threshold of belief and dare to surrender your defenses. If there is an aptitude needed, it is the ability to suspend your scientific world-view that says we cannot exist.

We are overjoyed to be here with you today, because of the potential this opens up. Do not forget that we are here. Let us explore together what can be possible from now on.

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The peril and potential of Europe in 2011

Context: Preparing for a day and a half of inquiry with the core community of participatory leadership in and for the European Commission and its work in Europe. I sense that the family wants to come through.

Why we show up for Europe

The ice is breaking. It is time to push. The old structures, fit for the former age, cannot stand up to the new impulses arising in the people and the tensions created by the massive feedback loops bringing news of how human choices have impacted your living environment. Even the human construct that is your economy cannot withstand the consequences of your forgetting what you once knew about living in reciprocal relationship with nature.

Your circle is living in the mechanical heart of the technocracy, where people are constricted into the restrictive armouring of reason, cut off from other ways of knowing, that are often treated as taboo. You are working to introduce Aquarian patterns into this technocracy, and yet these patterns are still being put to the service of Piscean ends.

The technocracy continues to be convinced that the existing power structures are the only way of organising that is possible, and so the many intelligent and resourceful men and women embedded in these structures are shackled and reduced to operating as cogs in the machine, acting unwillingly in ways that violate their own better judgement. Afraid to risk taking an individual stand, they have abdicated their responsibility and renounced their vision of a better world.

You must understand that your organisation – as it is currently configured – is doomed to fail. That which it seeks to achieve is unattainable and – from the largest perspective – undesirable. And yet, it is through embracing and spreading this knowledge that the path opens up to a radically novel future.

The beating heart of Europe, and the potential that Europe can be, lies within the men and women who work within the organisation – not in the organising structures or the prevailing power paradigm.

Looking from a global and cosmic perspective, we see the European civilisation as most advanced along the road to good governance of diverse peoples. But you have reached a cross-roads where a fundamental leap of faith is required. Your current leaders favour a regression – an attempt to turn back the clock and compete with younger civilisations on their terms. This you cannot do. The river of time does not flow backwards. Salvation – if salvation there is – resides in pushing further into the unknown. Have the courage to face the inevitable failure of the project as it is now envisaged and articulated, and the courage to strike out in an unknown direction, without the comfort of a known destination or a roadmap.

It is time to reunite the ages. Europe is still populated by its First Nations. You carry in your DNA the knowledge that is needed to thrive in these lands. And yet much of your aboriginal lore has been forgotten. It is time to invite it back in. The reconnection to the earth is through your roots. Look back into history. Revive the old lore, and heal the old wounds. There can be no more papering over the cracks, and “making nice” while old feuds and resentments still fester in the ancestral soul.

In this time, the lodestone of the human heart is the only instrument that can serve you. Understand that you are not alone. The Earth herself can serve as your guide. As inhabitants of the earth, and participants in the unfolding of the Kosmos, your deepest senses are attuned to the emerging new patterns. The evolving path you tread builds upon your strengths as individuated beings, and your capacity to bring your unique perspectives in to the ever-widening circle, in order to inform the whole.

The new patterns are self-organising, you do not need to see the whole in order to participate in it. This is a message you should spread.

The Europe that is sensed as potential in your circle is greatly needed by the whole. Without your pioneering the next phase in collective , co-creative governance, the human adventure is in danger of stalling and disintegrating. Your neighbours in North Africa are natural partners now, as they awaken to their longing for self-determination and dignity, and shake off the conditioning that has kept them in poverty and thrall.

The old is falling away. The new is not yet born. Your circle is a beacon of light and hope. We see the bonds amongst you, shining brightly in the subtle realms. It is time for boldness. There truly is nothing to lose.

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Don’t plan, align!

Received on Thursday 2 December 2010

Context: There’s a conversation going on over at London Integral Circle list in response to Peter Merry‘s blog entry ‘Time to call our bluff‘. Peter says “Maybe we don’t need a big plan. Maybe we just need to  continually connect to reality as it is in the present moment, take decisions that seem workable for the current reality, address new tensions one at a time as they arise, and dynamically steer our way into the future”.  John Bunzl rather doubts that it can be done without any larger plan, believing that evolution needs our active, conscious participation. The family seems to have something to say:

It is true that evolution needs the active, conscious participation of as many awake humans as possible. But more important than a plan detailing what should be done (which will inevitably lead to disagreement and endless argument and conflict), is the need to clarify intention – and particularly to learn to align behind a collectively clarified and articulated intention.

At the birth of a new era – such is the threshold on which you stand, with all the old systems and certainties crumbling around you – what is called for is not consensus but dissensus. There is a need for experimentation and prodigal divergence and diversity of action. There is a need to engage with conditions on the ground, with freedom to dynamically steer as life conditions dictate, but in accordance with certain clear principles that ensure diverse action is taken for the sake of the health of the whole. This is the perspective that must be championed now.

Each and every human being is a fully-fledged part of the kosmos. When you open your minds, your hearts and your wills in service of the whole, there is no need for a master plan in order to manifest what is next for humanity and this planet. The kosmic order will take care of that. Your job is to learn to collectively align your intent and act in ways that favour the awakening of your fellows, the opening of ever more minds, hearts and wills. Peter named the process well: “Maybe we just need to continually connect to reality as it is in the present moment, take decisions that seem workable for the current reality, address new tensions one at a time as they arise, and dynamically steer our way into the future”.

Do not be concerned with ‘the others’ who seem unwilling or unable to follow. There is no need to wait for them. Withdraw your consent from that which does not serve the whole, and focus on the process of opening your own mind, heart and will, and on contributing to the collective alignment that can facilitate the shift.

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On Beings and Space

Received on Sunday 24 October 2010

Reading ‘Nature Spirits and What they Say’, (interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein), I am intrigued by the High One talking about ‘harmonious elemental beings’. It seems that there is a universal law that “beings in one dimension can not assist beings in another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance”. Invoking sacred space allows good beings to enter. This provides them with a space in which to grow and develop. “That’s one of the main tasks of religious ritual – the creation of spaces into which elemental beings and higher beings can enter. Beings always require space, and space created on Earth always gets filled with beings”.

As I write, I sense the High One here with me – wanting to tell me more. It is remarkable how strong its presence is, how easy to sense, when it wants to make itself felt. I don’t need to do anything specific to invite it in – communication is instantaneous, it’s like I just hand over my pen. My focus of inquiry is clearly these elemental beings and how they interact with space created by humans. Here’s what it says:

“There are no words or concepts to describe these elemental beings. They are eager to work with humans at this time. Without humans, much of this work is impossible. It touches not only the human realm, and the developmental future of Earth, but also the development of the very potential that underlies the weave of the Kosmos.

The work of your friend Ria is very important, because it concerns creating the conditions for humans to learn how to consciously and intentionally create spaces and invite these beings in. (see note 1 below)

Development happens in chains. I can speak to you of this matter now that you have been reading Verena’s words. They have created an opening into inquiry in you, through which I can enter in the form of relevant information. This is why it is important that you read – and write. The world-wide  web is a tool which can be used for good and ill – use it to publish what you write about what you learn, and it will contribute to the awakening of more humans to this work.

Humans are crucial to this work. You are the freedom of the Kosmos. Your freedom is radically augmented when you awaken to self and understand that your consciousness opens up on infinite spiritual space – and is not just home to your fleeting, self-based impressions. As you open up, and invite others into intentional space, you create ‘bounded enclosures’ into which elemental beings can enter and grow. If you are able to interact with them also, this accelerates their development and augments the power of their work as you apply the insights you gain from them in the pursuit of your earthly lives. So can Earth reflect Heaven.

When calling sacred space into being, invocation is key. What you invoke is what will become present. For example, in the case of your work with the Green Witch, when you witness the coherence and wholeness of a spatial entity – even when you are looking out the window of a train – you invoke a being which can enter that space and vivify and awaken a community of the beings already present in that place. As the spirit of place becomes stronger, so the likelihood that the humans that inhabit it, or come into relationship with it in some way, will start to hear it, to interact with it in growthful ways.

The gathering soon to be held in Kufunda village will be pivotal (see note 2 below). The presence of these awakened humans and their intent to harvest their learning and publish it can create a big new potential for elemental beings to be invited in. All of the work, also, of the Art of Hosting community holds this potential. The more the hosting teams can become aware of the power for good that they can unleash by initially invoking elemental beings to enter the space they open up,  the greater the likelihood that cascading evolutionary intelligence can arise in the human community at this time of greatest danger and opportunity.

You are especially gifted in articulating the impulses offered to you by the elemental beings who accept your invitation to show up. You can do this in many different contexts. For example, in the forthcoming gathering of women moving the edge – which could most auspiciously be held at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven – there will be a first opportunity to consciously hold a gathering with the explicit focus of invoking and working with a whole host of elemental beings who will cluster around such a ‘gravity well’, seeking to enter relationship and bring their offerings into the light.

Relevance is all. We can offer you only that which resonates with what you already hold. This is why diversity is desirable – it expands the available pool of ‘hooks’ that can draw in contributions from the invisible realms. Remember your question “What has it not yet occurred to us to ask?””

More background from Verena: Connections with these elemental beings have been a long time in preparation. They are now more clearly emerging because humans are only now, at least in a rudimentary way, able to discover their self. And a group of people can create the appropriate spiritual spaces for them. The beings themselves have obviously exised for a long while beyond time. Though they’ve only been appearing in the human sphere since the development of the human consciousness soul and the end of the dark time (Kali Yuga – lasted until the end of the 19th Century)

Note 1Ria Baeck, co-initiator of Women Moving the Edge, is developing models, based on years of action research through work with women’s circles, mapping out the journey that a circle of individuals can take to become, firstly, a ‘circle of presence‘, and then a ‘circle of co-creation

Note 2 – Gathering at Kufunda village, in Zimbabwe, under the auspices of the Powers of Place Initiative.

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Illumination of Spirit and Source

Received on 22 November 2010

Context: Ria is curious – if it’s ‘not about manifestation’, what does the family have to say about her Spirit-Source model?

Throughout the Kosmos there is a move towards wholeness, through an ongoing process of centration and allurement at ever higher levels of complexity. This is happening in the physical realm and in the many subtle realms. The awakened human is like a multidimensional nodal point, anchored in the physical realm and receptive to contact from other realms, on condition of actively reaching out and inviting in. It is the YANG/YIN of agency and surrender. Only you can do this. It enables interpenetration of the realms in a way that allows the powers of the universe to operate coherently across dimensions. One way to understand this is to imagine each of the realms as flat. Inter-realm centration allows the landscape to become 3-dimensional. All living beings of the physical realm also have aspects in the non-physical, subtle realms. The inverse is not true. There are beings who exist in the subtle realms that do not exist also in the physical. The only gateway they have is through human consciousness, the only agency they can exert is through the human body.

You have heard of ‘possession’.  This is an unhealthy and misguided relationship between a subtle entity and a human being, whose will and consciousness are subdued and whose body is ceded to use by the entity. Such use is not generative, and leads to much hurt.

And yet, much becomes possible if the subtle realms can interpenetrate the physical through the vehicle of human consciousness by mutual consent. New realms of potential open up. This is the shape of the next Golden Age.

Ria’s Spirit-Source model can be explained in these terms. In essence, the elements and their relationships are accurate and useful. The star behind the white square we adopt as denoting our presence – we, your invisible kosmic family. The inquiry is the human act of will, reaching out to invite in the participation and co-creation with the subtle realms. Holding space is the conscious act of creating the container that can hold us in this realm, in relationship with you.

The star behind the white square we adopt as denoting our presence

Many invisible actors, like the Devas and the nature spirits, are agentic in the physical realm. You see their work all around you and are supported by it. Without it, you would die. And yet, what you see is what these beings and their organisations are capable of without conscious co-creation with the human capacity for free will and conscious through-cycling of relational energy between and among the realms. Imagine the human as an energy torus, taking in information from the subtle realms in response to intentions she has put forth, based on deep sensing of the needs of the physical realm for wholeness and generativity.

This is the role that the awakened human can play – and the path to awakened humanity is through the enlightened collective. And, of course, the interpenetrative power of attraction of the enlightened collective is exponentially greater than the individual acting alone.

The physical realm is indeed the fruit of a process of manifestation. But manifestation is not the purpose of the Kosmos. It is the vehicle for ecstatic experiencing of its own splendour and magnificence. The human body is capable of exquisite rapture through all its senses, and equipped to witness and metabolise divinity into its body, mind, spirit in ways that can generate creativity in such a multiplicity of forms – gross and subtle – that its potential is unparalleled.

Developing this model is important and helpful. A time is approaching when substantial segments of the human population will be faced with circumstances that have the potential to break them out of their mental habits and place them at a choice point where they can choose between a generative future and closing down. It is helpful at that time if there are core groups engaged in generative practices of the open mind, open heart and open will to prompt those around them into hopeful decisions.

Learning how to communicate with the kosmic family will take longer – it is also a question of aptitude – although it can be learned, the subtle sensing it requires is substantial and not easily taught at this time. More humans will be born with this aptitude once a critical mass of practitioners has been reached.

*CommentI notice how the things I am learning – like Swimme’s Powers of the Universe and U Theory (as I revisit it) – are all woven in to what comes through from the subtle realms. It’s as if the contents of my own mind and my associations are used to shape messages and information . I intuit, for example, that as soon as I have finished watching Swimme’s DVD, more will come through about the other powers of the universe.

It’s as if I can feel my thoughts being moulded by gentle, skilled, invisible hands. As if I am being shown those parts of the Truth that can be built out of the available contents of my consciousness. I imagine that working with my dreams will provide me with even richer materials, because what’s available to me at those subtle levels is much vaster. If only I didn’t have to go to work every morning!

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Invocation for Powers of Place gathering – Kufunda Village

Received on 30 October 2010

Context: Ria has left for Kufunda village in Zimbabwe for the Powers of Place gathering. Sarah (Whitely) has called for invocations on behalf of the gathering. As soon as I sit down and think about this, I feel something coming through: there’s energy rushing into me and my eyes start to leak…

Invocation for Powers of Place gathering – Kufunda

I do not name a legacy, I name a future. I invoke the Kosmic Family, the innumerable throng of invisible intelligences swarming like an intelligent murmuration around our intentional gatherings at this time. Here is what has been spoken to me as I bend my attention towards the convergence of awakened souls upon Kufunda village at the dawn of the Seventh Day.


“Places are calling, now, to human communities. Intentional communities are a first step – but it is time for humans to look beyond each other, to what else is alive and intelligent in the Kosmos. There is more than you can imagine.

There is much for you to learn – even more, perhaps, to unlearn. Strong grounding and relationship with a place is necessary to draw down the Aquarian patterns into forms that can interact with human consciousness.

Each circle is unique

Different individuals sense, notice and value different information, and so the circle of inquiry thrives on diversity. Each circle is unique, drawn together by a strange attractor, never quite articulated at this early, potent stage of becoming – a resonance that hooks in questing souls that move in the resonant harmonic range.  The circle gels as the focus is articulated. At this stage, an intentional invocation can ‘activate’ a place, which can in turn put out resonating attractors to call in the circle. When people land in place, a new level of commitment is entered into. Success is much more likely if the place is given a seat in the circle, and is honoured as the very seat of the circle.

There is much power and good will waiting to be invited into co-creation on Earth at this time. Without place, without context, without story, without consciousness, without clearly-stated intent, there is nowhere for it to land.

At this juncture, there can be no copying; no ‘best practice’. We are in a phase of experimentation – this has never been done before. There can only ever by one Findhorn, only one Kufunda, one Axladitsa. Each has its own unique DNA, its own story and setting, in time and space.

What you are learning together is to climb beyond the egoic containers that have channelled human development this far. You are learning to create conscious vessels for a larger evolutionary unfolding, which will bring the human species into right relationship with the mother organism that is Gaia.

Stay focused on the call that has brought you together

Do not look back. Do not become mired in the despair and ugliness being acted out by your brothers and sisters in all the myriad places where hearts and minds are still asleep to the stirrings of the new beat at the heart of the Kosmos. Stay focused, rather, on the call that has brought you together. Pour yourselves into the visions that thrill you and bring you alive. Give yourselves to the new in every moment. Stay awake, lost together in the vast, unimaginable mystery in which All is immersed – miracle and magic to your eyes – and allow your senses to attune and learn these new terrains. Here all along, never suspected, awaiting your new, collective eyes.

To all of you gathering in Kufunda village – this bright, pulsing heart in the darkness – look to clarify your collective intent. To each one of you, listen as never before to your own unique soul’s resonance – what is it you can hear that nobody else can? Each one of you brings a note to this sounding, a subtle swelling to the circle’s voice, that will allow more kosmic intelligence to flow into your collective container in response to its invocation.

Learn from the people who live in relationship with this place. Learn to recognise the subtle field of an activated place. You have the potential, in this gathering, to activate a whole living system of places. This would be a most desirable outcome. Use your time well. Know that you are held in an attentive embrace by those who know much and see far, but are powerless to participate without your active and intentional partnership.

We recommend you cook your food together.”

Photos from the Kufunda gathering taken by Joanne de Nobriga

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The power of intent

Received on 17 September 2010.

Context: All’s quiet in the house – Ria slept over at Ransberg last night, so I’m alone here. I can feel it.

I’ve been reading over the notes of the latest conversations with the Women Moving the Edge – one of the book sourcing calls. At a given moment, Ria passes me the talking piece. I’ve been silent a long time. It takes me a while to tune in to what Ria has intuited. Then I get that the Kosmos is part of our circle.

So now, as I was reading back over the notes, putting in subheadings and bolding essences, I am urged to inquire further: How is the Kosmos part of our circle? I have my pendulum with me, but in the end I have to grab my pen and start writing:

“Who I am is not important. You humans are so hung up on identity – as if having an identity is a prerequisite for validity. You don’t have the necessary equipment to understand – even to grasp – the nature of what it is that is speaking to you now. Ideas, like tiny tendrils of smoke, are fed into your awareness. You are learning to recognise them for what they are, to give them space and articulate them, act on them. This attracts more. You have now amplified your listening by joining circles of other listeners. The focus of your listening attracts threads of potential that resonate with your intent.

It is important for you to understand that when you listen for ‘what wants to happen’, you can hear only the whispers or echos of your own deeper intent. There is no other will in the Kosmos than that which is moving in you. If mankind understood this, you would manifest more wisely.

This does not mean that what you understand as your will is the will of the Kosmos – ‘divine will’, as most would say – it means that the human soul is the vehicle for the conscious unfolding of the All-That-Is. There is no will without consciousness. Where you focus your intent, there will you manifest. The consciousness of mankind is still fragmented, and so that which manifests is incoherent. The mistake is then to focus consciousness and intent on interacting with the manifest fruits of your previous consciousness, as if those fruits had a prior existence independent of your will.

But while you are all prisoners of your fragmented, isolated consciousness – trapped by your own social discourse in a conviction of your own separateness – this is all you can do. You are trapped in the product of your incoherent manifestation. This hell you made yourselves.

It does not have to be this way. Your circle of inquiry, your women moving the edge, you are learning a knowing that will enable humanity to learn a more coherent way of manifesting.

Your circle of inquiry - your Women Moving the Edge

But remember: forms of manifestation are simply Kosmic phenomena that are attracted into form by a coherent pattern of intent. The purpose of the Kosmos is not manifestation. Manifestation is simply one of its phenomena, part of its metabolism, if you will.

Understanding this, focus, rather, on intent, and let the manifestation look after itself.

Your intent is to join your will with the other creative forces of the Kosmos. The quality of your aspiration is to move towards greater health, vitality, diversity and coherence – wholeness.

greater health, vitality, diversity and coherence - wholeness

BE this, and it will manifest around you. Humanity is obsessed with manifestation as the end of all ends. Even when you look beyond manifestation, manifestation remains the goal.

The feminine is centred around birth into form. Birth happens because the feminine is. She is a phenomenon of the Kosmos.

The Kosmos is its own purpose. There is enough to keep you occupied for the foreseeable future.”

Photos from the 9th gathering of Women Moving the Edge.

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