Practices for interpenetrative living

Received 5 December 2010

Context: Ria asks for clarification on the energetic differences between ‘invitation’, ‘invocation’ and ‘participation’ as they relate to the process of inner alignment. In this context, the process of inner alignment refers to the unfolding of the individual towards authenticity, through open mind, open heart and open will. More specifically: Observing what is (Open Mind); Accepting and then Honouring what is (Open Heart); Living what is (Open Will). These are the vertical axis of a matrix Ria is developing in her forthcoming book (building on Scharmer’s Theory U). The horizontal axis concerns the process of outer alignment, with the overall goal of creating a Circle of Presence, with a view to building capacity for authentic collective wisdom in service of wise action. The horizontal axis is the subject of another channelling which will be published in due course.

Inner alignment

The process of inner alignment concerns the inner development of the individual human being. This is something we can only observe from outside. Even those of us who have lived human lives cannot speak to this from subjective experience of the full spectrum of alignment, for what you are describing is – at least at the deeper levels – an intuition of the evolutionary next steps of humanity, and not something that is grounded in embodied fact at this time.

Bearing this in mind, we would suggest to you that ‘invitation’, ‘invocation’, ‘participation’ and ‘witnessing’ are practices to be developed and engaged in as a means to strengthen the nascent human capacity of living in conscious alignment with the cosmic reality of interpenetration of the different dimensions of the Kosmos – more specifically the manifest and subtle realms.

  • Invitation is an opening to the other. We can say that it refers to the act of opening the circle to other humans, of requesting their presence and participation. It is to be understood as a gesture of equality and trust. The practice of invitation, if it is to be engaged in with an evolutionary intent, can have no strings attached. When you invite, you invite the whole being, with all the consequences that entails, for both the inviter and the invitee. What you are inviting into is ‘participation’. You are inviting the other to bring their full selves into your context, without reservations. This requires you to relinquish all thoughts of ownership and desire to control the outcome. It is for this reason that it is so important to be crystal clear about your intent. What you intend will shape your invitation, and that will influence what manner of person shows up. Never neglect to speak your intent formally and deliberately.
  • Invocation is also a form of invitation. We suggest, in the interests of clarity, that you reserve the use of this term to your inviting of beings and clusters from the subtle realms. Such beings cannot not answer an invocation. The denizens of the subtle realms are fascinated and attracted by the physical, and will always show up when invoked. And so, again, intention is key. The clarity of your intent is the keeper at the gate – those who are not invited cannot come through. Clear and formal invocation is a precaution we urge you to practice with great zeal. Ultimately, the only safe intent is one which is whole-heartedly aligned on the good of the whole. Dark or egoic intent with no higher focus will attract Ahrimanic beings – that would not serve your evolutionary purposes.

In so far as we can comment on the Process of Inner Alignment, we would suggest that the sequential steps (Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will) represent stepping stones in deepening the individual’s relationship with him or herself, with a view to participation in the work of the collective. We liken this to learning to hold a melody in order to be able to sing harmoniously in a choir. In the steps towards building a circle of presence, the individual is learning to hear her own soul’s melody. Paradoxically, the way to do this is by learning to hear the melodies of others in the circle. We can only discover our unique gifts in interaction with others. When each member of the circle is grounded in their own authentic voice, then comes the practice of choral improvisation – learning to sense and ride the shifting patterns emerging from the middle. This the subtle realms can do with consummate ease. The metaphor of the murmuration of starlings can illustrate this. It is part of our nature, and so comes naturally to us. Not so in the physical realm, because of the fragmented intent of so many billions of unaligned human psyches all squawking in cacophony.

  • Witnessing – This is the supreme practice of the Aquarian age. There is no end to that which can be witnessed, but it is necessary to start small. Witnessing is what makes it possible for an individual, when invited, to step seamlessly into a functioning collective, and what allows a collective to seamlessly embrace a new member and be transformed by the embracing. With each embrace, the old collective dies and the new is born. The witnessing is of everything – the inner and outer, the individual and the collective. Part of the practice is to speak that which is witnessed, and to witness that which is spoken. Part of the practice is to speak what is witnessed as it is experienced – in joy or in rage, in sorrow or fear or indifference. The emotional charge is part of the meal, to be metabolised by the collective body. The more the collective body can metabolise, the broader the range of its responses to that which transpires in the greater whole.
  • Participation – in this context, participation means surrender. Surrender to the higher, to the deeper. To the innermost, as the gateway to the All. It implies unswerving commitment to the truth that comes from living the reality of one’s ever-unfolding soul’s path, which is also the commitment to living awake, moment by moment, to the minutiae of daily life. It is the commitment to Live Open, to let everything in, to feel, and hold, and be transformed, breath by breath, by that which comes to your senses. Know that you will never be given more than you can contain; know that nothing is yours to keep, except that which you become as a result of your participation in the unfolding life of the Kosmos.

We offer these words in humility, and wish to express our thanks for the honour you show us in invoking our participation in your journey.

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