Message to the people of Japan

Received Thursday 17 March

Context: I was with Tom Meyers today. He has put up a website on elementary healthcare, and his first post was a message to the people of Japan, to send them advice on how to heal trauma and stay well in this time of devastion and recovery. As he spoke about this, I felt the family‘s strong presence. They, too, have a message for the Japanese people.

One tsunami wave washes away your greatest technology

Gaia twitches a muscle, just like a horse irritated by a fly, and human edifices fall. One tsunami wave washes away your greatest technology and the karma of your economic logic blows up in your faces, with potentially devastating consequences that stretch far beyond home.

People of Japan, the world is watching you. Know that in your distress, your example is an inspiration. Your natural response to disaster has not been to loot or hoard, but to open your homes and to think of your neighbours.

You are a resilient people. Yours is a resilient culture. Underneath the veneer of consumer society, your ancestral knowing is strong and accessible. It will serve you now.

Your national history of the last 70 years has been a departure from your most natural path of cultural unfolding. The current circumstances – as the very earth beneath your feet continues to tremble – present you with an unlooked-for opportunity to lead the peoples of the earth towards greater cultural diversity, following your own destiny, in the mould of your relationship to your island home, in the mould of your unique historical, cultural and ethnic DNA.

Photo: national geographic
You are a resilient people (Photo: National Geographic)

Your governments cannot stand because the model of democracy you embraced after the War did not grow up from your soil and your souls, but was donned like a hair shirt in guilt and shame, defeat and reparation. You are a noble people, with a strong sense of morality and aesthetics, place and lineage. It is time to reinhabit your deeper identity and continue your interrupted journey into your unique future, to your unique destiny. Be proud of who you are. Walk forward in peace.

Peoples of the Earth, take heed. Your structures are too brittle to stand at this time of planetary upheaval. Your technology has the power to destroy you – and much more besides – unless you anchor your inventiveness again to the Earth, not as an inert lump of rock to be eviscerated and violated, but as a living entity of which you are an integral part, with an evolutionary function to fulfil. Learn to live more lightly on the Earth. Learn to love what you have, rather than hungering for what you have not. The greatest peril you now face is from each other. It is time to share. Time to collaborate instead of competing. Time to abandon the drive to accumulate wealth. Time to heal and learn the true power of Love.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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4 Responses to Message to the people of Japan

  1. Judy Wallace says:

    I continue to resonate to and appreciate the voice(s) that speak through you. I honor your presence to being the clear vessel. I feel deep inside this primal call of life from this planet – calling out to us. Time to arise to who we truly are – as Earth, and one with this Cosmic Being.

    • iyeshe says:

      Thank you, Judy! I sometimes get a bit unnerved about posting some of these writings – it all seems so big, somehow. And who am I to be speaking this stuff? But that’s just li’l ol’ ego showing up, I guess, so I try not to squirm too much when I press the ‘publish’ button!

  2. Judy Wallace says:

    Yes, we are human. 🙂 And lovely too.

  3. Ursula says:

    We just were able to witness a shift to being more human at work today. 480 people expressed in conversations how we could improve our working together in the Commission, and a large portion of the contributions focused on being more human, using more personal contact, less e-mails, humility, respect…it was a double process, creating a conversation space for the participants, and a space of deep shift and transformation for the 22 people strong facilitation and hosting team. An hour before that happened, our dear president said, that there was no European public space, and that was why there was so much misunderstanding for the work of Europe. However it seems to me that exactly such a space was opened today.

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