The peril and potential of Europe in 2011

Context: Preparing for a day and a half of inquiry with the core community of participatory leadership in and for the European Commission and its work in Europe. I sense that the family wants to come through.

Why we show up for Europe

The ice is breaking. It is time to push. The old structures, fit for the former age, cannot stand up to the new impulses arising in the people and the tensions created by the massive feedback loops bringing news of how human choices have impacted your living environment. Even the human construct that is your economy cannot withstand the consequences of your forgetting what you once knew about living in reciprocal relationship with nature.

Your circle is living in the mechanical heart of the technocracy, where people are constricted into the restrictive armouring of reason, cut off from other ways of knowing, that are often treated as taboo. You are working to introduce Aquarian patterns into this technocracy, and yet these patterns are still being put to the service of Piscean ends.

The technocracy continues to be convinced that the existing power structures are the only way of organising that is possible, and so the many intelligent and resourceful men and women embedded in these structures are shackled and reduced to operating as cogs in the machine, acting unwillingly in ways that violate their own better judgement. Afraid to risk taking an individual stand, they have abdicated their responsibility and renounced their vision of a better world.

You must understand that your organisation – as it is currently configured – is doomed to fail. That which it seeks to achieve is unattainable and – from the largest perspective – undesirable. And yet, it is through embracing and spreading this knowledge that the path opens up to a radically novel future.

The beating heart of Europe, and the potential that Europe can be, lies within the men and women who work within the organisation – not in the organising structures or the prevailing power paradigm.

Looking from a global and cosmic perspective, we see the European civilisation as most advanced along the road to good governance of diverse peoples. But you have reached a cross-roads where a fundamental leap of faith is required. Your current leaders favour a regression – an attempt to turn back the clock and compete with younger civilisations on their terms. This you cannot do. The river of time does not flow backwards. Salvation – if salvation there is – resides in pushing further into the unknown. Have the courage to face the inevitable failure of the project as it is now envisaged and articulated, and the courage to strike out in an unknown direction, without the comfort of a known destination or a roadmap.

It is time to reunite the ages. Europe is still populated by its First Nations. You carry in your DNA the knowledge that is needed to thrive in these lands. And yet much of your aboriginal lore has been forgotten. It is time to invite it back in. The reconnection to the earth is through your roots. Look back into history. Revive the old lore, and heal the old wounds. There can be no more papering over the cracks, and “making nice” while old feuds and resentments still fester in the ancestral soul.

In this time, the lodestone of the human heart is the only instrument that can serve you. Understand that you are not alone. The Earth herself can serve as your guide. As inhabitants of the earth, and participants in the unfolding of the Kosmos, your deepest senses are attuned to the emerging new patterns. The evolving path you tread builds upon your strengths as individuated beings, and your capacity to bring your unique perspectives in to the ever-widening circle, in order to inform the whole.

The new patterns are self-organising, you do not need to see the whole in order to participate in it. This is a message you should spread.

The Europe that is sensed as potential in your circle is greatly needed by the whole. Without your pioneering the next phase in collective , co-creative governance, the human adventure is in danger of stalling and disintegrating. Your neighbours in North Africa are natural partners now, as they awaken to their longing for self-determination and dignity, and shake off the conditioning that has kept them in poverty and thrall.

The old is falling away. The new is not yet born. Your circle is a beacon of light and hope. We see the bonds amongst you, shining brightly in the subtle realms. It is time for boldness. There truly is nothing to lose.

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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