Don’t plan, align!

Received on Thursday 2 December 2010

Context: There’s a conversation going on over at London Integral Circle list in response to Peter Merry‘s blog entry ‘Time to call our bluff‘. Peter says “Maybe we don’t need a big plan. Maybe we just need to  continually connect to reality as it is in the present moment, take decisions that seem workable for the current reality, address new tensions one at a time as they arise, and dynamically steer our way into the future”.  John Bunzl rather doubts that it can be done without any larger plan, believing that evolution needs our active, conscious participation. The family seems to have something to say:

It is true that evolution needs the active, conscious participation of as many awake humans as possible. But more important than a plan detailing what should be done (which will inevitably lead to disagreement and endless argument and conflict), is the need to clarify intention – and particularly to learn to align behind a collectively clarified and articulated intention.

At the birth of a new era – such is the threshold on which you stand, with all the old systems and certainties crumbling around you – what is called for is not consensus but dissensus. There is a need for experimentation and prodigal divergence and diversity of action. There is a need to engage with conditions on the ground, with freedom to dynamically steer as life conditions dictate, but in accordance with certain clear principles that ensure diverse action is taken for the sake of the health of the whole. This is the perspective that must be championed now.

Each and every human being is a fully-fledged part of the kosmos. When you open your minds, your hearts and your wills in service of the whole, there is no need for a master plan in order to manifest what is next for humanity and this planet. The kosmic order will take care of that. Your job is to learn to collectively align your intent and act in ways that favour the awakening of your fellows, the opening of ever more minds, hearts and wills. Peter named the process well: “Maybe we just need to continually connect to reality as it is in the present moment, take decisions that seem workable for the current reality, address new tensions one at a time as they arise, and dynamically steer our way into the future”.

Do not be concerned with ‘the others’ who seem unwilling or unable to follow. There is no need to wait for them. Withdraw your consent from that which does not serve the whole, and focus on the process of opening your own mind, heart and will, and on contributing to the collective alignment that can facilitate the shift.

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2 Responses to Don’t plan, align!

  1. Ursula says:

    >But more important than a plan is the need to clarify intention –
    this posting is so timely, even if it was received a while ago… That is exactly what we are getting confirmed in the Bregenzer Salon. The intention of the calls for events is so clear that it seems to attract exactly the right people fitting this intention. It is magic. It made those who came from the old, just break away seamlessly and the others, who wanted to explore the new, remain in even greater assertiveness to embrace the unknown.
    This is happening inside and outside of ourselves curiously, it needs to.
    Regards, Ursula

    • iyeshe says:

      Thank you, Ursula – you are one of the pioneers of Aquarian patterns, following your guts and your instincts, as these translate the Aquarian impulse coming through the kosmos. As we are seeing in Libya, ‘those who come from the old’ sometimes break away seamlessly from the old, as their hearts beat so strongly for the people – or for the planet – whatever the new is that is calling to be embraced. What if we dared? What if it’s easy?

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