On Beings and Space

Received on Sunday 24 October 2010

Reading ‘Nature Spirits and What they Say’, (interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein), I am intrigued by the High One talking about ‘harmonious elemental beings’. It seems that there is a universal law that “beings in one dimension can not assist beings in another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance”. Invoking sacred space allows good beings to enter. This provides them with a space in which to grow and develop. “That’s one of the main tasks of religious ritual – the creation of spaces into which elemental beings and higher beings can enter. Beings always require space, and space created on Earth always gets filled with beings”.

As I write, I sense the High One here with me – wanting to tell me more. It is remarkable how strong its presence is, how easy to sense, when it wants to make itself felt. I don’t need to do anything specific to invite it in – communication is instantaneous, it’s like I just hand over my pen. My focus of inquiry is clearly these elemental beings and how they interact with space created by humans. Here’s what it says:

“There are no words or concepts to describe these elemental beings. They are eager to work with humans at this time. Without humans, much of this work is impossible. It touches not only the human realm, and the developmental future of Earth, but also the development of the very potential that underlies the weave of the Kosmos.

The work of your friend Ria is very important, because it concerns creating the conditions for humans to learn how to consciously and intentionally create spaces and invite these beings in. (see note 1 below)

Development happens in chains. I can speak to you of this matter now that you have been reading Verena’s words. They have created an opening into inquiry in you, through which I can enter in the form of relevant information. This is why it is important that you read – and write. The world-wide  web is a tool which can be used for good and ill – use it to publish what you write about what you learn, and it will contribute to the awakening of more humans to this work.

Humans are crucial to this work. You are the freedom of the Kosmos. Your freedom is radically augmented when you awaken to self and understand that your consciousness opens up on infinite spiritual space – and is not just home to your fleeting, self-based impressions. As you open up, and invite others into intentional space, you create ‘bounded enclosures’ into which elemental beings can enter and grow. If you are able to interact with them also, this accelerates their development and augments the power of their work as you apply the insights you gain from them in the pursuit of your earthly lives. So can Earth reflect Heaven.

When calling sacred space into being, invocation is key. What you invoke is what will become present. For example, in the case of your work with the Green Witch, when you witness the coherence and wholeness of a spatial entity – even when you are looking out the window of a train – you invoke a being which can enter that space and vivify and awaken a community of the beings already present in that place. As the spirit of place becomes stronger, so the likelihood that the humans that inhabit it, or come into relationship with it in some way, will start to hear it, to interact with it in growthful ways.

The gathering soon to be held in Kufunda village will be pivotal (see note 2 below). The presence of these awakened humans and their intent to harvest their learning and publish it can create a big new potential for elemental beings to be invited in. All of the work, also, of the Art of Hosting community holds this potential. The more the hosting teams can become aware of the power for good that they can unleash by initially invoking elemental beings to enter the space they open up,  the greater the likelihood that cascading evolutionary intelligence can arise in the human community at this time of greatest danger and opportunity.

You are especially gifted in articulating the impulses offered to you by the elemental beings who accept your invitation to show up. You can do this in many different contexts. For example, in the forthcoming gathering of women moving the edge – which could most auspiciously be held at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven – there will be a first opportunity to consciously hold a gathering with the explicit focus of invoking and working with a whole host of elemental beings who will cluster around such a ‘gravity well’, seeking to enter relationship and bring their offerings into the light.

Relevance is all. We can offer you only that which resonates with what you already hold. This is why diversity is desirable – it expands the available pool of ‘hooks’ that can draw in contributions from the invisible realms. Remember your question “What has it not yet occurred to us to ask?””

More background from Verena: Connections with these elemental beings have been a long time in preparation. They are now more clearly emerging because humans are only now, at least in a rudimentary way, able to discover their self. And a group of people can create the appropriate spiritual spaces for them. The beings themselves have obviously exised for a long while beyond time. Though they’ve only been appearing in the human sphere since the development of the human consciousness soul and the end of the dark time (Kali Yuga – lasted until the end of the 19th Century)

Note 1Ria Baeck, co-initiator of Women Moving the Edge, is developing models, based on years of action research through work with women’s circles, mapping out the journey that a circle of individuals can take to become, firstly, a ‘circle of presence‘, and then a ‘circle of co-creation

Note 2 – Gathering at Kufunda village, in Zimbabwe, under the auspices of the Powers of Place Initiative.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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17 Responses to On Beings and Space

  1. jyoti says:

    More wonderful gifts from beyond, wise and useful, pragmatic, thank you. 
    I’m reminded of the early days of  when the Caddies worked with the elemental beings ~ Devas~ and together grew enormous vegetables…

    I find this fascinating as in the past I have worked with ritual space and invocation, in a similar way, in different groups exploring the frothy edges; but that doesn’t seem to be my path at the moment. I must be quiet, listen and wait, discernment; what are the next steps. 

    So this blog is helping me greatly. 

    A deep bow.  

  2. jyoti says:

    Oh wow yeshe, what you say totally rocks, I am moved to tears, words fail me.
    Power to your elbow. It’s awesome, epic, what y’all are doing. Respect.

    • iyeshe says:

      Remember, brother Joti, it’s not me who speaks here. Mine is merely the choice of what to post and when – and even that isn’t dictated by reason! Sending you love.

  3. jyoti says:

    Wel you are a very good ‘hollow bamboo’ as you get out of the way …
    Fascinating your hang up with gender, as my teacher Garchen Rinpoche says: Gender is just a concept’ 😉

    • iyeshe says:

      That word ‘hang up’ is rather striking, Joty. I suspect that Garchen Rinpoche is a male of the species. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say ‘gender is just a concept’. It’s not the kind of thing women say. It comes from the realm of conceptualisation, where we women are less ‘hung up’… 😉
      Seriously, though, there’s rather a nice conversation that touches on the topic over on my other blog Integral Yeshe: http://bit.ly/gw4imV. Why not come and contribute your thoughts over there, too?

      • jyoti says:

        Is there room for other perspectives here, different lens, a ‘dissenus’?

        Personally my views on gender and identity politics were challenged when I attended an Eco-feminism workshop at the UK Climate Camp at Kingsnorth in 2008. We were encouraged not to get too entrenched in our gender silos and see the fluidity of our sense of self, no more gender binary – debunking of masculine/feminine notions; reaching past ‘essentialist’ positions on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and so on. No Borders. Gender as a spectrum.  

        Nobody is smart enough to be wrong all the time, as Ken Wilber says:
        ‘My work is an attempt to make room in the Kosmos for all of the dimensions, levels, domains, waves, memes, modes, individuals, cultures, and so on ad infinitum. I have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace…’

  4. iyeshe says:

    Bring on the dissensus, my man! I am inhabiting the body and emotions of a peri-menopausal mother, and I simply with to claim and own my soul’s very real and deliberate choice of immanence in this female flesh. I do not understand this constant challenge to let it go, rise above it. As far as I am concerned, how others wish to relate to gender is their affair. How I wish to relate to mine is mine.

    • jyoti says:

      Ouch! That hurt. Guess I’ll have to toughen up, huh? So I didn’t know what to say for the best, still dont, so I said nothing, felt safer. Nada. But saying nothing says something. 

      So then just feel my positive regard and unconditional love for you, you are held by the universe, the kosmos whispers to you. 

      You are welcome in the world yeshe.  🙂

      • No need to say anything, brother Joty. You are always safe! Ain’t it something, though, the way we want to say something ‘for the best’ – keep the conversation going. I love being in conversation with you. And don’t mean for you to say ‘ouch’. But when you do, it’s your humanity that speaks. I love you right back!

  5. jyoti says:

    Danke , you are trés kühl. ‘ keep the conversation going…’ no wasn’t that, i luxuriate in silence, for me was what say that was best for you, best for the blog. Didn’t want to appear passive agressive
    . Grrrrrrr 😉

  6. jyoti says:

    I don’t want to be white noise here, i hope this helps, for myself, the lesson appears to be the light this throws on the injunction we’ve been offered, that we develop: ‘generative practices of the open mind, open heart and open will…’

    That’s one thing to state, sounds simple enough, the open secret, but to put flesh on it, to make it a ‘practice’ that works is quite another matter, a challenge? I don’t yet have a handle on what a practice of an ‘open will’ would look like, but I have more of a sense of the other two. (the Will is a central concept in psychosynthesis and is seen as an essential impulse ~ an inner force~ towards wholeness and synthesis) 

    It’s the challenge of openness, integrity, honesty and transparency, in a non-harming and skilful way, me me the issue is about integrity, and openness; treating people with respect and treating people how we would wish to be treated; a personal journey of self discovery. As it says in lesson 153 in the Course in Miracles; ‘In defencelessness my safety lies’ or as Robert Bly translates Kabir; ‘… but when deep inside you there is a loaded gun, how can you have God? …’. A process of ‘personal disarmament’ as exemplified by people like Marshall Rosenberg, with his 
    Nonviolent, or compassionate, communication (NVC) which focuses on two aspects of communication: honest self-expression and empathy; and the Deep Listening and Peace Treaty Practices of Thich Nhat Hahn. 🙂 is this that’s waiting in the implicate order of reality waiting to be birthed here?

    Useful to articulate the obvious sometimes?

    • iyeshe says:

      Not white noise at all, Joty! Thank you for digging deeper and thinking specifically about what it might actually mean to live in open mind, open heart and open will. When I think of conducive practices, they are almost all collective. The individual practice is living in mindfulness – all the buddhist practices are very beneficial here. It is in the collective sphere that we help each other over the hurdles that arise when ego grabs us by the throat.

      These collective practices are not anything that we who live in the modern Western cultures have any experience with – community has been systematically eradicated ever since the start of the industrial revolution. It’s part of what we explore in our Women Moving the Edge gatherings – how to create a powerful collective field and develop through that into service of the whole through one’s own unique gifts and self.

      The terms Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will come from Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, which is a very, very helpful resource, as he describes the different phases in the relationship between the individual and the ‘field’ – the greater energetic and spiritual surround in which any relationship operates, including the relationship between the individual and his/her own soul.

      • jyoti says:

        Sorry, i’ve been away from t’internet, as i like to keep the weekends web free if i can  

        So another piece of the jigsaw! I love it. Quite fascinating, thank you Yeshe, I can see why you like his model; we just need to get your mind indexed, a lexicon. 

        So then suspending the download, suspending the Voice of Judgement (VOJ), getting people from downloading to seeing to sensing ~ going down the curve, the U -bend ~ diving into the places of most potential, the hinterland of the frothy edge, and listening with our minds and hearts wide open? 

        I’ve got some reading to do…  😉

      • jyoti says:

        Ddd Dearest Sister Yeshe

        I feel very blessed and nourished to have this connection with you, the ‘family’, women at the edge… The blog totally rocks, is feeding me immensely and guiding me. Thank you for being the hollow bamboo, thank you to the ‘family’ for sharing at our time of need.  

        It’s been a few years since I worked in the way you describe. I was in several mens groups, self-organising. One worked shamanically using mushrooms, ectasy and liquid mescaline to enter ritual space, working the four directions and the medicine wheel, we also did several workshops and a 24 hour long dance with beautiful painted arrow (see below) , ‘activating’ spaces.

        Anyway I have been keeping my radar open and just yesterday came across this shamanic dance activist group called Earthdreamers. I’m going to a workshop on Sunday that will re-connect me (I feel) to that way of working. With the added bonus of activism, they’re also into Joanna Macys work and climate camp, so a perfect fit for me it would appear. So that will be interesting. I will pray, ask the higher dimensions, the elementals for love and guidance.  

        On the earth side plane, I was in hospital for a couple of weeks a couple of weeks ago, this ole heart o mine, genetic. Blood pressure plummeted, electrical probs. But arteries normal. One factor was the heart medication I was on! Hoping the open heart surgery will help when it happens.

        I’ve just resigned as a councillor, a small matter of principle, but could stand again in May? Should I, shouldn’t I. 

        I did a Christian art day last Saturday, produced some nice stuff in concept if not execution. It was very much the way of working I was familiar with, hard to believe the leader was an Anglican vicar; bring on those women bishops I say!!!!

        So feels like some doors are opening maybe. 

        I’m very much in a letting go space. Let go, let go, let go. More and more silence and emptiness and slowness partly because of the heart. Everybody else seems so busy and frantic and frenetic. Seems the slowness is a gift to me although perhaps annoying to others. I enjoy just being in the deep silence and darkness! 😉

        Oh what else, oh yes, I really related to your ‘What if we fail? So what if we fail?’ post. You know the Dark Mountain people?

        Joseph Rael – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Joseph Rael (Tiwa:Tslew-teh-koyeh: Beautiful Painted Arrow) (b. … The Visionary: Entering the Mystic Universe of Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow). …
        en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Rael – Cached

  7. jyoti says:

    An edit function would be good for comments?!

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