Illumination of Spirit and Source

Received on 22 November 2010

Context: Ria is curious – if it’s ‘not about manifestation’, what does the family have to say about her Spirit-Source model?

Throughout the Kosmos there is a move towards wholeness, through an ongoing process of centration and allurement at ever higher levels of complexity. This is happening in the physical realm and in the many subtle realms. The awakened human is like a multidimensional nodal point, anchored in the physical realm and receptive to contact from other realms, on condition of actively reaching out and inviting in. It is the YANG/YIN of agency and surrender. Only you can do this. It enables interpenetration of the realms in a way that allows the powers of the universe to operate coherently across dimensions. One way to understand this is to imagine each of the realms as flat. Inter-realm centration allows the landscape to become 3-dimensional. All living beings of the physical realm also have aspects in the non-physical, subtle realms. The inverse is not true. There are beings who exist in the subtle realms that do not exist also in the physical. The only gateway they have is through human consciousness, the only agency they can exert is through the human body.

You have heard of ‘possession’.  This is an unhealthy and misguided relationship between a subtle entity and a human being, whose will and consciousness are subdued and whose body is ceded to use by the entity. Such use is not generative, and leads to much hurt.

And yet, much becomes possible if the subtle realms can interpenetrate the physical through the vehicle of human consciousness by mutual consent. New realms of potential open up. This is the shape of the next Golden Age.

Ria’s Spirit-Source model can be explained in these terms. In essence, the elements and their relationships are accurate and useful. The star behind the white square we adopt as denoting our presence – we, your invisible kosmic family. The inquiry is the human act of will, reaching out to invite in the participation and co-creation with the subtle realms. Holding space is the conscious act of creating the container that can hold us in this realm, in relationship with you.

The star behind the white square we adopt as denoting our presence

Many invisible actors, like the Devas and the nature spirits, are agentic in the physical realm. You see their work all around you and are supported by it. Without it, you would die. And yet, what you see is what these beings and their organisations are capable of without conscious co-creation with the human capacity for free will and conscious through-cycling of relational energy between and among the realms. Imagine the human as an energy torus, taking in information from the subtle realms in response to intentions she has put forth, based on deep sensing of the needs of the physical realm for wholeness and generativity.

This is the role that the awakened human can play – and the path to awakened humanity is through the enlightened collective. And, of course, the interpenetrative power of attraction of the enlightened collective is exponentially greater than the individual acting alone.

The physical realm is indeed the fruit of a process of manifestation. But manifestation is not the purpose of the Kosmos. It is the vehicle for ecstatic experiencing of its own splendour and magnificence. The human body is capable of exquisite rapture through all its senses, and equipped to witness and metabolise divinity into its body, mind, spirit in ways that can generate creativity in such a multiplicity of forms – gross and subtle – that its potential is unparalleled.

Developing this model is important and helpful. A time is approaching when substantial segments of the human population will be faced with circumstances that have the potential to break them out of their mental habits and place them at a choice point where they can choose between a generative future and closing down. It is helpful at that time if there are core groups engaged in generative practices of the open mind, open heart and open will to prompt those around them into hopeful decisions.

Learning how to communicate with the kosmic family will take longer – it is also a question of aptitude – although it can be learned, the subtle sensing it requires is substantial and not easily taught at this time. More humans will be born with this aptitude once a critical mass of practitioners has been reached.

*CommentI notice how the things I am learning – like Swimme’s Powers of the Universe and U Theory (as I revisit it) – are all woven in to what comes through from the subtle realms. It’s as if the contents of my own mind and my associations are used to shape messages and information . I intuit, for example, that as soon as I have finished watching Swimme’s DVD, more will come through about the other powers of the universe.

It’s as if I can feel my thoughts being moulded by gentle, skilled, invisible hands. As if I am being shown those parts of the Truth that can be built out of the available contents of my consciousness. I imagine that working with my dreams will provide me with even richer materials, because what’s available to me at those subtle levels is much vaster. If only I didn’t have to go to work every morning!

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