Invocation for Powers of Place gathering – Kufunda Village

Received on 30 October 2010

Context: Ria has left for Kufunda village in Zimbabwe for the Powers of Place gathering. Sarah (Whitely) has called for invocations on behalf of the gathering. As soon as I sit down and think about this, I feel something coming through: there’s energy rushing into me and my eyes start to leak…

Invocation for Powers of Place gathering – Kufunda

I do not name a legacy, I name a future. I invoke the Kosmic Family, the innumerable throng of invisible intelligences swarming like an intelligent murmuration around our intentional gatherings at this time. Here is what has been spoken to me as I bend my attention towards the convergence of awakened souls upon Kufunda village at the dawn of the Seventh Day.


“Places are calling, now, to human communities. Intentional communities are a first step – but it is time for humans to look beyond each other, to what else is alive and intelligent in the Kosmos. There is more than you can imagine.

There is much for you to learn – even more, perhaps, to unlearn. Strong grounding and relationship with a place is necessary to draw down the Aquarian patterns into forms that can interact with human consciousness.

Each circle is unique

Different individuals sense, notice and value different information, and so the circle of inquiry thrives on diversity. Each circle is unique, drawn together by a strange attractor, never quite articulated at this early, potent stage of becoming – a resonance that hooks in questing souls that move in the resonant harmonic range.  The circle gels as the focus is articulated. At this stage, an intentional invocation can ‘activate’ a place, which can in turn put out resonating attractors to call in the circle. When people land in place, a new level of commitment is entered into. Success is much more likely if the place is given a seat in the circle, and is honoured as the very seat of the circle.

There is much power and good will waiting to be invited into co-creation on Earth at this time. Without place, without context, without story, without consciousness, without clearly-stated intent, there is nowhere for it to land.

At this juncture, there can be no copying; no ‘best practice’. We are in a phase of experimentation – this has never been done before. There can only ever by one Findhorn, only one Kufunda, one Axladitsa. Each has its own unique DNA, its own story and setting, in time and space.

What you are learning together is to climb beyond the egoic containers that have channelled human development this far. You are learning to create conscious vessels for a larger evolutionary unfolding, which will bring the human species into right relationship with the mother organism that is Gaia.

Stay focused on the call that has brought you together

Do not look back. Do not become mired in the despair and ugliness being acted out by your brothers and sisters in all the myriad places where hearts and minds are still asleep to the stirrings of the new beat at the heart of the Kosmos. Stay focused, rather, on the call that has brought you together. Pour yourselves into the visions that thrill you and bring you alive. Give yourselves to the new in every moment. Stay awake, lost together in the vast, unimaginable mystery in which All is immersed – miracle and magic to your eyes – and allow your senses to attune and learn these new terrains. Here all along, never suspected, awaiting your new, collective eyes.

To all of you gathering in Kufunda village – this bright, pulsing heart in the darkness – look to clarify your collective intent. To each one of you, listen as never before to your own unique soul’s resonance – what is it you can hear that nobody else can? Each one of you brings a note to this sounding, a subtle swelling to the circle’s voice, that will allow more kosmic intelligence to flow into your collective container in response to its invocation.

Learn from the people who live in relationship with this place. Learn to recognise the subtle field of an activated place. You have the potential, in this gathering, to activate a whole living system of places. This would be a most desirable outcome. Use your time well. Know that you are held in an attentive embrace by those who know much and see far, but are powerless to participate without your active and intentional partnership.

We recommend you cook your food together.”

Photos from the Kufunda gathering taken by Joanne de Nobriga

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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1 Response to Invocation for Powers of Place gathering – Kufunda Village

  1. jyoti says:

    Yes all this resonates deeply with me. There is much practical heart-wisdom here. A big thank you. Gratitude arising.

    Interesting that Le mont Bugarach has just been in the news, the first ‘2012er’ Cluster Point which will becoming a phenomena sociólogo as we draw closer to winter solstice 2012!

    I think something to bear in mind is that the circle can be as little as two incarnated beings, the ‘place’ is a third and other ‘beings unseen’ can be called in (you belief structures/models of reality will determine how you perceive/structure – co-create – these) think of Jesus saying ‘when 2 or 3 of you aré gathered together)

    Other ‘beings seen and unseen’ will be drawn by the focus, the intention of which they speak.

    Once the selected place is ‘Activated’ with intentional invocations it sets in motion a catalytic process of energetic resonating attractors to call in the circle who aré on the same wavelength. So its that initial priming of the pump that is so crucial and enables unseen forces to join with us and co-create.

    I have used similar practices myself, earth healing, and working in specific geolocations with the elements and 4 directions; but thats in the past and nit necessarily a template for the future.

    But relevant to this conversation is the work if english dowser Colin Bloy who discovered ley lines manifest in relation to intention who discovered esoteric shapes and patterns in the earth energy of a tiny Knights Templar churchyard in West Sussex; also a native american shamen and earth healer Joesph Rael ~ beautiful painted arrow; and a Hungrían earth healer whose ñame escapes me for the moment.


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