The power of intent

Received on 17 September 2010.

Context: All’s quiet in the house – Ria slept over at Ransberg last night, so I’m alone here. I can feel it.

I’ve been reading over the notes of the latest conversations with the Women Moving the Edge – one of the book sourcing calls. At a given moment, Ria passes me the talking piece. I’ve been silent a long time. It takes me a while to tune in to what Ria has intuited. Then I get that the Kosmos is part of our circle.

So now, as I was reading back over the notes, putting in subheadings and bolding essences, I am urged to inquire further: How is the Kosmos part of our circle? I have my pendulum with me, but in the end I have to grab my pen and start writing:

“Who I am is not important. You humans are so hung up on identity – as if having an identity is a prerequisite for validity. You don’t have the necessary equipment to understand – even to grasp – the nature of what it is that is speaking to you now. Ideas, like tiny tendrils of smoke, are fed into your awareness. You are learning to recognise them for what they are, to give them space and articulate them, act on them. This attracts more. You have now amplified your listening by joining circles of other listeners. The focus of your listening attracts threads of potential that resonate with your intent.

It is important for you to understand that when you listen for ‘what wants to happen’, you can hear only the whispers or echos of your own deeper intent. There is no other will in the Kosmos than that which is moving in you. If mankind understood this, you would manifest more wisely.

This does not mean that what you understand as your will is the will of the Kosmos – ‘divine will’, as most would say – it means that the human soul is the vehicle for the conscious unfolding of the All-That-Is. There is no will without consciousness. Where you focus your intent, there will you manifest. The consciousness of mankind is still fragmented, and so that which manifests is incoherent. The mistake is then to focus consciousness and intent on interacting with the manifest fruits of your previous consciousness, as if those fruits had a prior existence independent of your will.

But while you are all prisoners of your fragmented, isolated consciousness – trapped by your own social discourse in a conviction of your own separateness – this is all you can do. You are trapped in the product of your incoherent manifestation. This hell you made yourselves.

It does not have to be this way. Your circle of inquiry, your women moving the edge, you are learning a knowing that will enable humanity to learn a more coherent way of manifesting.

Your circle of inquiry - your Women Moving the Edge

But remember: forms of manifestation are simply Kosmic phenomena that are attracted into form by a coherent pattern of intent. The purpose of the Kosmos is not manifestation. Manifestation is simply one of its phenomena, part of its metabolism, if you will.

Understanding this, focus, rather, on intent, and let the manifestation look after itself.

Your intent is to join your will with the other creative forces of the Kosmos. The quality of your aspiration is to move towards greater health, vitality, diversity and coherence – wholeness.

greater health, vitality, diversity and coherence - wholeness

BE this, and it will manifest around you. Humanity is obsessed with manifestation as the end of all ends. Even when you look beyond manifestation, manifestation remains the goal.

The feminine is centred around birth into form. Birth happens because the feminine is. She is a phenomenon of the Kosmos.

The Kosmos is its own purpose. There is enough to keep you occupied for the foreseeable future.”

Photos from the 9th gathering of Women Moving the Edge.

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1 Response to The power of intent

  1. jyoti says:

    It is quite awesome and overpowering. It is very exciting.  
    We are so blessed that these “beings” are communicating with us.
    I guess in times past we would have called them angels and arch-angels.
    I have read the communications several times, sat with them, tried to understand them.
    I know I am not there, yet.

    A few days ago I had a powerful dream afterwards when I awoke in the middle of the night I had some insights about myself but also about these communications.
    They talk of being many yet one, like the wave and the ocean, I remember that in the bible, old testament God is Elohim, singular and plural; a hive mind I guess?

    Then what came to me is that they are creating portals, elevators, fire exits was the word, where like minded people can meet, because we need support in this, in fully understanding this, in making a ‘practice’ of this. Also like they say a circle of enquiry, a group of people, have a greater capacity to receive; greater capacity. 

    I have just discussed them with my elder brother and he thought that there is something about how the words are put together, a message in the sub-text.

    Nice to know that we can use them as a kind of cosmic google, an information point.    

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