Framing Aquarian Conversations

Extract from my journal – Sunday 31 October

In my gloaming moments between sleeping and waking, I know that I am held in the bosom of the kosmos. In my moments of peaceful solitude, I sense that I am not alone. The power of the presence around me is palpable. These days, when I sit down to write, it doesn’t take long before ‘something’ is pressing in, wanting to speak. But nothing can come through unless I exercise my own free will and choose a topic or focus of inquiry.

I know I have been called to publish these extra-dimensional writings, and I’m holding back because I don’t yet know how to frame them. And so, I ask and am given:

“The Kosmos is moving into a different phase of co-creation. It is time for humanity to activate some of the latent capacities that have been developing in it over the millennia of its evolutionary trajectory. Call it a ‘promotion’ – a coming of age. You are called in to the community of cosmic intelligences, to take your seat on the Council of Beings as a species with unique gifts to contribute to the unfolding of this dimension of reality that you call “the universe”. Like an adolescent preparing for adulthood, there is much you must yet learn – you are now embarking on a journey of initiation, one which you must survive if you are to truly join us.

You are slowly awakening to your responsibility to live on your planetary home, not as a lord and master, free to pillage and pollute, but as the organ of supreme sentience, the planetary mind, the consciousness that, witnessing the suchness of the burgeoning living systems around you, can call them into sentience by participating consciously in life’s unfolding. Thus can Gaia awake to her next level of sentience and participation in the wider order.

The human family - Earth's organ of sentience

This awakening is not arbitrary or accidental, nor is it isolated. The whole kosmos is shifting as this part of your galaxy comes of age. And so, this awakening is fractal. Individuals are awakening, communities and networks are awakening. Places are awakening.

There is a need, now, to begin to language, to articulate this awakening, so that the seeds of cultural shift can be sown. Timing is delicate. Humanity has globalised in a fashion which is not sustainable. Nor is your interconnectivity yet deep enough nor wholesome enough to survive the imminent, rapid depletion of your current power base. Translocal dissemination through your internet must go hand-in-hand with experiments in non-local consciousness. You must learn to trust the field.

Breaking through the dominant materialist, mechanistic paradigm will happen by itself as more humans learn to join in collective inquiry into the hope and the dissonance you are experiencing at this time of kosmic shift. You are of the kosmos, now and always. As had been said before, where circles of inquiry convene, there we can come through, in the form of information relevant to your inquiry. This is the beginning of a new level of participation of  kosmic intelligence in life on Earth, and participation of earthly intelligence in the life of the kosmos.”

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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2 Responses to Framing Aquarian Conversations

  1. jyoti says:

    It is quite awesome and overpowering. It is very exciting.  
    We are so blessed that these “beings” are communicating with us.
    I guess in times past we would have called them angels and arch-angels.
    I have read the communications several times, sat with them, tried to understand them.
    I know I am not there, yet.

    A few days ago I had a powerful dream afterwards when I awoke in the middle of the night I had some insights about myself but also about these communications.
    They talk of being many yet one, like the wave and the ocean, I remember that in the bible, old testament God is Elohim, singular and plural; a hive mind I guess?

    Then what came to me is that they are creating portals, elevators, fire exits was the word, where like minded people can meet, because we need support in this, in fully understanding this, in making a ‘practice’ of this. Also like they say a circle of enquiry, a group of people, have a greater capacity to receive; greater capacity. 

    I have just discussed them with my elder brother and he thought that there is something about how the words are put together, a message in the sub-text.

    Nice to know that we can use them as a kind of cosmic google, an information point.    

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